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 Synopsis - 2

Build an Industry Hot Rod answers these question and more.  Using the "Hot Rod" metaphor as an idea transformer, this book demonstrates how proven conepts from the world of automotive competition offer new insights in the arena of business competition:

  • New information is equivalent to airflow into an engine - more is better.
  • A creative work force is the fuel that powers innovation - its "octane" is crucial
  • Engineering the chemistry of innovation has much in common with optimizing the combusion process in an engine
  • Requirements for ongoing measurement, management and control of the investment-to-income system are similar to those of a race car
  • Executive leaders have crucial roles equivalent to the race car designer, driver and pit crew
  • The paradigm for building a competitive business parallels that of souping up a hot rod

Clear and graphic explanations of these relationships and more make Build an Industry Hot Rod an effective shop manual for souping up your business.

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