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 About the Author

Marv Patterson is founder and president of Innovation Resultants  International (IRI), a firm dedicated to helping client companies achieve improved business success through more effective innovation of products and services.  Marv founded IRI in 1993 and has led that firm since.  Over the years IRI has helped dozens of firms, in diverse industries ranging from office products to heavy equipment to semiconductors, improve their capacity for innovation.

Earlier Marv enjoyed a 20-year career with the Hewlett-Packard Company - first doing product development, then managing it and finally coaching others in HP’s worldwide R&D community on how to do it better.  This broad, hands-on experience underlies the in-depth understanding of innovation as a business system reflected in this book.

Marv has authored two other highly regarded books on managing product innovation:

  • Leading Product Innovation: Accelerating Growth in a Product-based Business
  • Accelerating Innovation: Improving the Process of Product Development


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