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Marv Patterson is founder and president of Dileab Group, a Silicon Valley company dedicated to fostering excellence in innovation leadership.  His 45-year career in product innovation includes 20 years with the Hewlett-Packard Company.  While there, he established and lead an internal consulting group responsible for improving HP’s worldwide R&D performance.

In 1993 Marv and several colleagues left HP to establish Innovation Resultants International (IRI), a firm focused on helping client companies improve the business impact of their new product programs. Clients in the US, South America and Asia spanned a wide range of industries; from semiconductors to heavy equipment,  telecommunications to office products.

In 2006 IRI discontinued operations and Marv’s focus shifted to further research and contemplation related to several key questions that emerged from over four decades of new product innovation:

  • What knowledge and techniques enable business leaders to consistently transform innovation investments into financial growth?
  • How do some firms accomplish so much with so few people?  Can this formula be replicated?
  • What determines best-of-breed performance in innovation-driven growth?  Once this is known, what is the payoff for achieving it?
  • What strategies and operating principles enable intelligent progress toward best-of-breed innovation performance?

Marv’s most recent book, Build an Industry Hot Rod:  The Nuts and Bolts of Leaving Competitors in the Dust, is the product of this research, and of Marv’s extensive, hands-on experience.  It provides clear, useful answers to these important questions.  For more, see "Innovation as a System," an article published in the Research-Technology Management Journal, September-October 2009.